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Mass School Shooting in Russia Leaves "at least" 12 people dead, and "at least" 20 wounded

We have repeatedly stated on this blog that mass shootings are an international problem, not one limited to the United States. Unfortunately, today's tragic events in Russia drives home this point once again.

Multiple sources report "at least" 12 people, including five children, two teachers, and two security officers were shot dead at School No. 88 serving grades 1-11 in the central Russian city of Izhevsk.

Today's event follows two 2021 mass school shootings in Russia, and the October 2018 Columbine-copycat mass shooting in Crimea the Ukraine, all three of which were previously reported on this blog.

NEXTA, an Eastern European media outlet, reports the suspected shooter committed suicide in a classroom. He was dressed in all black clothing, a part of the uniform of the school shooter, with the word "Hate" written on his magazines. He had a "swastika" on his shirt, a symbol also used by the notorious Columbine killers.

He also had the words "Columbine" and "Eric" attached to a string on his guns.

Source Images above: NEXTA

Although it has been confirmed the suspected killer's gender is male and that he graduated from the school, his age has not yet been released.

In July 2022, we included the 2021 Perm and Kazan, Russia mass school shooters and the 2018 Crimea, Ukraine mass school shooter in our list of statistics of the deadliest school shootings over the past five years. All three, like today's suspected shooter, were graduates of the institutions of learning they opened fire on.

Go here to read the July 2022 blog:


Please watch this 2016 video where the we declared such violence to be a global problem.


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