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Domestic Violence at Work Results in Murder-Suicide in Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office

The deadly epidemic continues.

The dangerous intersection of workplace violence and domestic violence resulted in a murder suicide within the Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office on November 8, 2022.

After receiving reports of an active shooter situation, law enforcement found the bodies of County Medical Examiner Dr. Beth Frost, age 46, and her estranged husband, the suspected perpetrator. The shootings occurred at the county's governmental facility at 2355 N. Stemmons Freeway, just northwest of Downtown Dallas.

Beth Frost, D.O.

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According to her Linked In social media profile, Dr. Frost began working for the Dallas County Medical Examiner's office in June 2020. Prior to then, she served as Maricopa County's medical examiner in Phoenix for three years.

According to reports, Dr. Frost had filed for divorce earlier this year.

Please read our research on when domestic violence comes to work previously published in "The Insider," a publication of the Defense Personnel and Security Research CenterDefense:



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