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Authorities admit parents of teen mass shooter contacted them to confiscate their son's firearm

We previously reported of the October 24th mass shooting at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School in St. Louis which led to the deaths of a 15 year old student and a teacher, the wounding of seven others, and the terrorizing of countless more, in America's latest mass active assailant event.

Authorities now admit the parents of the 19 year old deceased gunman, a 2021 graduate of the school who died after getting into a shoot-out with police, contacted law enforcement for purposes of having their son's AR-15 style firearm removed from their home. They were concerned about their son's mental status, had attempted to and/or obtained treatment for him and were deeply concerned about his AR-15 style rifle being in his possession and stored in the family home.

Law enforcement also reports that it was an AR-15 style firearm that was the murder weapon used in Monday's carnage in St. Louis. It is unclear whether this was the same weapon the parents complained about or if the shooter obtained another used in his attack.

Ms. Jean Kuczka - the latest teacher murdered resulting from occupational violence during a mass active assailant event as she attempted to protect her students.

Alexandria Bell, 15, the latest student murdered at school during an active assailant event within in an institution of learning.

Two points bear mentioning here concerning the prevention of ongoing mass violence that has scourged America of the importance of leakage of violent intent.

First, the WVPI has repeatedly recommended that anyone who becomes knowledgeable about disconcerting behavior, or who alternatively "Sees something" should "Say something" to appropriate authorities at the school or other workplace and to law enforcement.

It appears the parents of the 19 year old deceased gunman did exactly that.

Second, we have also pointed out that prevention requires not just "See something/Say something" but that after the report has been made, including to law enforcement, that they must "Do something."

Columbine's deadly legacy rears its ugly head...once again.

The attempted mass shooting/failed bombing at Columbine High School, the notorious 1999 mass assailant event that influenced so many others down through the years, occurred after the Brown family of Littleton, Colorado repeatedly reported the future Columbine killers to police.

Yet the Columbine tragedy occurred. It unfortunately seems that history has once again repeated itself, this time at a St. Louis High School.

As photos and video of the tragedy in St. Louis reveals, a large response of law enforcement occurred after lives were lost and people were wounded and terrorized. Hopefully, we will learn of a similar large response to the reports from the teen gunman's parents before he entered his former high school and reportedly yelled that everyone was going to die.

See Something/Say Something/Do Something

If you ask them to "say something" after they "see something" you'd better "do something."

Please read our 2020 blog discussing the Brown family's actions in attempting to prevent Columbine here:


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