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Judge encourages parties to work together concerning Parkland deposition

Earlier today we reported counsel for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School teacher Felicia Burgin filed a motion for protective order concerning her subpoena for deposition on the grounds it could cause a regression to the progress made in her medical condition following the February 14, 2018 mass shooting at the school.

At today's hearing before Judge Elizabeth Scherer, counsel for Ms. Burgin stated his client would appear for the deposition under certain grounds, for instance, that the deposition be held in private.

In response to this suggestion, attorneys for the prosecution and defense each stated they had no issue accommodating these requests.

Judge Scherer who is presiding over the criminal case against the defendant suggested that the attorneys involved consider breaking up the deposition rather than having one longer proceeding in an effort to possibly prevent undue stress on the witness Ms. Burgin.

Judge Scherer also stated "I think it's much better for...everyone involved if you all try to work these things out together."

It appears now that the deposition will likely proceed and Ms. Burgin will give sworn testimony concerning her personal knowledge of matters at issue in the criminal case with certain preset conditions agreed to by the prosecution, defense and her private attorney.


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