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Why Hasn't the Santa Fe Confessed Mass Murderer Been Deemed a Domestic Terrorist?

Almost immediately, federal authorities treated Saturday's El Paso, Texas massacre in and around a Wal-Mart store which left 20 people dead as domestic terrorism and promised swift justice.

Why then more than 15 months following the massacre at Santa Fe High School also in Texas which left 10 people dead and 13 wounded have federal officials failed to treat the confessed killer as a domestic terrorist as well?

The Santa Fe/Columbine Connection

The massacre at Santa Fe High School constitutes an ongoing national tragedy involving the terrorizing of American's students and teachers that began at Columbine High School on 4/20/99.

There is no question the well-planned failed mass bombing/ active shooter episode that left 13 dead and 20 wounded at Columbine was domestic terrorism. Amongst other things the killers, two CHS seniors, were deeply influenced by the domestic terrorism that occurred 4/19/95 in Oklahoma City.

In 1998, a full three years before 9/11 one of the Columbine killers wrote about hijacking a plane and crashing it into New York City. This was the plan in the event they could not escape to a foreign country the mayhem he and his co-conspirator were planning to get away from "Americans." Source:

In both Columbine and Santa Fe, attacks were carried out in state government owned and operated institutions that received federal funding. Public servants were killed (one teacher at Columbine/two teachers at Santa Fe) and/or wounded (one teacher and one law enforcement official at Santa Fe).

By contrast, the El Paso Wal-Mart attack, treated almost immediately as domestic terrorism, was not carried out in a government-owned institution employing civil servants which received federal funds to help pay for its services.

The following non-exhaustive list comparing the Santa Fe HS and Columbine HS hits was compiled by TCC, a Columbine archivist:

(c) TCC

Additionally the perpetrators:

(1) Reportedly had shotguns and a knife and taunted their victims as they terrorized them;

(2) Lived in property owned by their parents prior to and on the day of their attacks;

(3) Were then-currently enrolled students of the high schools they attacked;

(4) Two of the three (including Santa Fe) were 17 years of age, the third had just turned 18 on the day of the respective hits;

(5) Killed and/or wounded fellow students and teachers;

(6) Caused property damage to their schools.

Santa Fe confessed shooter's black trench coat/duster with communist/nazi emblems Note: the red communist pin on the lapel.

Also: April 20, 1999 was Hitler's 110th birthday and four years/one day to the day of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Klebold's boot with similar red communist pin found on his body lying on the floor Columbine library, 4/20/99.

Harris's black trenchcoat lying on grass outside Columbine High School (Klebold discarded his in the Columbine library) 4/20/99.

Harris and Klebold in the halls of Columbine High School. Still taken from their homemade video made for a class project called "Hitmen for Hire" December 1998. They constantly wore these coats and were called "the Trenchcoat Mafia" by some.

Harris's "Natural Selection" print tee shirt worn 4/20/99.

Klebold's "Wrath" print tee shirt worn 4/20/99.

Santa Fe confessed shooter's "Born to Kill" print tee shirt.

"Born to Kill" is a line from one of the Columbine's killers' favorite bands KMFDM's most popular tunes. This tune "Son of a Gun" is about tyranny. Please note the last line:

Harris' KMFDM shirt in photo stills from video footage shot at Columbine High School prior to 4/20/99.

Klebold's KMFDM shirt. Photo taken from video footage shot at Columbine High School prior to 4/20/99.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott press conference re: SFHS attack 5/18/18 stating:

(1) explosives were found such as CO2 device & molotov cocktail bombs (@ 6:00);

(2) two firearms including a shotgun were used (@ 9:00);


(3) the confessed shooter kept journals and talked about committing suicide after the shootings (@ 7:00).


(1) Explosives including CO2 & molotov cocktail devices were used

(2) Both had two weapons including a shotgun.

(3) Both kept journals and committed suicide after the shootings.

Page from Harris' journal.

Page from Klebold's journal.



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