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20 years of Columbine

Before a former student took a rifle into Forest High School in FL on 4/20/18 & shot a student just as he & his classmates were to participate in a national walkout to mark Columbine's 19th anniversary,

-Before 17 innocents were murdered and 17 were wounded at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in FL on 2/14/18

Lake Worth, FL middle school teacher Barry Grunow, 35, was shot dead in front of his class by a 13 year old student on 5/26/00.

Teacher Dave Sanders warning of the kamikaze attack that was unfolding. He was shot dead at the top of those stairs.

Twelve innocent students were murdered along with

Mr. Sanders that awful April day at a public high school in Colorado. The perpetrators were two seniors who had been planning the massacre for over a year.

Many killers have been influenced by Columbine over the years.

Little has changed in terms of prevention since the vicious attack on Columbine High School on 4/20/99.

20 years of Columbine.

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