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FAB: Families Against Bullying

Coming in 2019 WVPI founder Kathleen M. Bonczyk, Esq. and her son the artist, anti-bullying advocate and bullying survivor Joseph D. Bonczyk will launch a new project called Families Against Bullying or "FAB."

Joseph D. Bonczyk, Executive Director of FAB

Joseph is deeply concerned about the on-going problem of bullying in the nation's workplaces and schools which has resulted in pain, suffering, mental anguish and even self-murder.

"I was bullied in elementary school and middle school." Joseph recalls.

"I was powerless. I could understand why someone who was bullied would want to take their life. It was horrendous. What went on then, what's going on now has to stop. The bully needs to be removed from school and work."

Bullying has touched too many families in the United States.

"Punish the bully not the victim or survivor" Joseph states.

Of the organization's name, Kathleen M. Bonczyk, Esq. says "I feel the title FAB is extremely fitting. Survivors of bullying are fabulous or FAB. I'm extremely proud of my son for surviving what he was forced to endure, for taking his pain and trying to do something positive and for coming up with the concept"

"Bullies are troubled cowards who seem to derive some sort of sick satisfaction in abusing and humiliating their targets. Concerned citizens across our country are fed up with this on-going scourge of bullying anywhere but especially in our schools and workplaces where targets are subjected to ongoing, continuing exposure. FAB seeks to stop bullying through a myriad of ways," Bonczyk explains.

Please watch this website for more information on FAB.

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