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How we "fix-it" (school shootings) from the horses' mouths

"9/11 happened once and they fixed it!!" says Andrew Pollack father of Meadow, murdered at Douglas High School on 2/14/18.

Columbine is the 9/11 of school shootings.

The kamikaze hit at Columbine High School ushered in the modern American active school shooter/bomber era.

On 4/20/99 13 innocents were murdered, two dozen more wounded including two teens who were paralyzed for life.

Students walked out of schools all across the U.S. on 4/20/18 - Columbine's 19th anniversary. Columbine inspired and was the blueprint for many more attacks on our schools.

The Columbine killers are to school shootings what Osama bin Laden and Muhammad Atta are to airline terrorism.

Columbine: The hit by the vicious murderers, 4/20/99 CCD video.

These students/killers tell us their possible motive in this video "Hitmen for Hire."

They wear trenchcoats and boots just like they wore on 4/20/99. They simulate the actions they will soon undertake during their failed bombing/active shooter incident at the scene of the crime: Columbine.

These mass murderers planned their hit for a year or more: This video was made during this timeframe.

The Columbine killers in "Hitmen for Hire" filmed at Columbine four short months before their attack.

In "Hitmen for Hire"

--- The two future killers are the hitmen.

-- Their clients are being bullied.

--The hitmen are hired to eliminate bullying by murdering the bullies.

--The hitmen, clients/victims of bullying and the bullies all attend school at Columbine.

Filled with uncontrolled rage, the killer looks into the camera and warns if you don't leave him alone, I'm going to take my shotgun and blow your head off!

13 innocents: Murdered, Columbine High School 4/20/99.

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