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Please take the "Personal 3-3 Commitment" Today

At our recent From Columbine to Noblesville event, the WVPI announced the grass roots project "3-3 Personal Commitment to Ending School Violence." Attendees from Texas and Florida were the first to take the pledge which appears below and includes suggested ideas.

Why is this effort necessary? Because the powers that be have had 19 years to solve our national disgrace known as the modern American active school shooter bomber era; they have failed at putting an end to it even after 27 innocents were murdered at Stoneman Douglas/Santa Fe High Schools.

Mrs. Rosie Y. Stone, mother of Chris Stone, attended the 7-27-7/28 workshop.

Chris Stone, 17, lost to us on 5/18/18 at Santa Fe High School and his mother, Rosie Y. Stone.

Quick band aid solutions to two of the worst attacks on our schools in modern American history (Parkland, FL and Santa Fe, TX) is what some propose rather than identifying and remedying root cause problems. There is no end in sight and our schools remain soft targets for even more kamikaze attacks. This is completely unacceptable.

Consequently it will be up every American to take action. Not only to get involved but stay involved if our schools are to ever be made safe for kids to learn and faculty to work.

Thus far citizens from 13 of the 50 states have signed. Please join us & let us know when you do

Mr. John Conard, uncle of Jared Black who was lost to us at Santa Fe High School on 5/18/18 added the following suggestions, reprinted with his permission:

Jared Black, 17 lost to us at Santa Fe High School, 5/18/18.

17 innocents murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas on 2/14/18.

Elijah J. Manley, 19, who attended the 7/27-7/28 workshop and is the first candidate to run for Broward County School Board (Marjory Stoneman Douglas home county) who was born during the active school shooter/bomber era signed the pledge.

10 innocents murdered at Santa Fe High School, 5/18/18.

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