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Ex-worker was awaiting trial for 2017 gun-related incident involving employee who was later murdered

On February 1, 2018, Keith Kitchen, 60, was shot dead while at work at BSD Linehaul Inc. in Michigan. Kitchen's accused murderer then reportedly stole a truck and went to a second location where he killed a second man Eriberto Perez, 58.

The alleged gunman is a former co-worker of Kitchen's. He had been arrested on November 24, 2017 after reportedly pulling a gun on Kitchen and two other employees. According to the police report, the man yelled: “I’ll kill you” and racked a bullet into the gun’s chamber.

Photo (c) Nick Verhey

At the time of the February 1st murders, the alleged gunman was free on bond pending a March trial for charges stemming from the 2017 workplace incident, including a felony firearm charge.

Media reports indicate the accused worked for BSD Linehaul, Inc. for a short period of time and was reportedly demanding more money than he had been paid.


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