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Three employees murdered at Stoneman Douglas High School

Three employees of the Margory Stoneman Douglas High School were murdered during the February 14, 2018 mass shooting in Parkland, Florida along with 14 students.

Scott Beigel, 35

Scott Beigel was a Geography teacher and the school's Cross Country Coach. Mr. Beigel was shot dead while in process of ushering students to safety in a classroom.

Aaron Feis, 37

Aaron Feis was the Assistant Football Coach. Mr. Feis was killed when he used his body as a human shield to protect students from the shooter's barrage of bullets.

Chris Hixon, 49

Also killed was Chris Hixon, the school's the Athletic Director and Wrestling Coach. Mr. Hixon was also a Naval Reservist who was deployed to Iraq in 2007.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates that 2,000,000 Americans fall victim to workplace violence each year, from verbal abuse to homicide.


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