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How many more lives will it take before we get serious about active shooter prevention?

Yesterday 17 victims were slaughtered at Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Many more were injured.

A 19 year old former student has been charged with these murders. The AR-15 assault weapon he used to destroy so many lives was purchased legally in Broward County after he passed a relatively simple background check.

On January 23, 2018, 20 victims were shot including two 15 year old students who died of their wounds at Marshall County High School in Kentucky . A 15 year old fellow student has been charged.

One day earlier on January 22, 2018, a 16 year old male student injured a 15 year old female student in a shooting at Italy High School in Texas.

These are but three of approximately 18 school shootings that have occurred across the United States during the first six weeks of 2018.

How many more shootings will it take before we acknowledge the existence of an epidemic that needs to be addressed proactively?

It appears there were tons of signs that the alleged Parkland shooter was a risk, including scary images posted on social media, prior threats, mental health issues, aggressive behavior, access to firearms and more.

The signs keep reappearing. We need to connect the dots. To do so we must as a nation be aware of the dots to connect, recognize them as the warning signs they are, and act accordingly.

Prevention is the only solution to the growing tragedy that is the active shooter in our schools and workplaces.


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