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Focused Interviewing to Help Avoid Mis-Hires

A critical element in workplace violence prevention is to use extreme caution while recruiting. Once you've hired employees, they're in. They will have prolonged exposure to your other employees, your customers, your trade secrets, and more.

That new employee who seemed so promising during the recruiting process may not be so great while actually on-the-job. He or she may even turn out to be the workplace bully.

The time to learn an error was made should never be post-hire. Incorporate tools to help identify potentially violent, abusive and other undesirable job candidates in the hiring process by engaging in focused interviewing.

A key to achieving this crucial objective is to do your due diligence while recruiting for job openings. Do not cut corners. Conduct full background screens.

Additionally, be on guard for "puffing" by job candidates.

Was the applicant truthful in stating he or she has 10 years of experience as an Information Technology or Marketing Manager or did he or she actually work in a non-managerial position? Ask questions and follow-up questions about what they have written on the application and resume to help ensure this information accurately reflects the person's true skills, knowledge, and experience.

Another way to help increase the odds that job offers are extended to qualified candidates is to avoid ac hoc interviews with questions created during the interview itself. Instead, develop insightful questions in advance.

Avoid asking tired, traditional inquiries such as "Are you a team player" or "Are you experienced with this software program?" or "Do you handle stress well?"

Job candidate want the job. They may tell you what they believe you want to hear. They may not provide answers that give you insight into their true behaviors and skills.

Behavioral interviewing techniques can be a powerful tool in the recruiting process.

Please watch the following brief video for an introduction to behavioral-based interviewing.

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