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Citizen acting on leakage of violent intent prevents mass shooting in Richmond

In the wake of the devastating massacre in Highland Park, Illinois leaving seven dead and more than two dozen others wounded on July 4th, there is "good" news to report.

Law enforcement in Richmond, Virginia report that they successfully stopped another July 4th planned attack after receiving a citizen's tip. Indeed, Richmond Police Chief Gerald Smith stated it was a “hero citizen” who overheard a conversation about a mass shooting being planned for the city’s Fourth of July celebration. Instead of ignoring the sign of impending disaster that happens all too frequently, the citizen contacted law enforcement.

This tip is credited with leading to combined effort by the local authorities in Richmond, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. S search of the target's home yielded the seizer of two assault rifles, 223 rounds of ammunition and a handgun. Thereafter, two individuals were arrested, both males.

We at the WVPI have stated for years that taking action on the the leakage of violent intent as the good citizen in Richmond did is perhaps the best way we can all do our part to prevent the next attack from occurring.

The attacks that have plagued our country and the world do not occur because perpetrators "snap." Research shows they are the result of days, weeks, months even years of planning. If you see, hear or read something troubling, please report it. Err on the side of safety always.

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