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Stop school and other forms of workplace violence

Our guest blogger today Joseph D. Bonczyk, artist and contributor to the WVPI, is an anti-bullying and violence prevention activist.

Joseph is in process of creating his first independent film. "American Terrorist 2021. His film calls for an end to mass shootings of all kinds, including in schools which are workplaces to faculty and staff as well as where America's future, our children, are educated.

In today's guest blog, Joseph has provided us with a trailer to his film which has been accepted by one independent film festival thus far.

Joseph's film is scheduled to debut on April 20, 2021, the 21st anniversary of the Columbine High School failed bombing/mass shooting.

"Columbine" has influenced many acts of senseless and devastating school/workplace violence in the United States and globally through the years.

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