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Former Student's Mug Shot Shows Her Wearing Columbine Killers Bible The Anarchist Cookbook Shirt

The mugshot of an 18-year-old former student of McAlester High School charged with felony terrorist hoaxes for allegedly threatening to shoot up her former school shows her wearing "The Anarchist Cookbook" tee shirt. The infamous "The Anarchist Cookbook" was found in the possession of Eric Harris, regarded as the mastermind behind the 4/20/99 attack on Columbine High School, the episode which is credited as ushering in the modern American active school shooter/bomber era.

Among other things, this book provides "do-it-yourself" instructions for the creation of bombs and other devices, and how to create mayhem. It was written in 1971 by an individual who protested the United States involvement in the Vietnam War. The book was read by Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and Jared Loughner, who attempted to murder Congresswoman Gabby Giffords amongst others.

The Columbine killers, Harris and fellow student Dylan Klebold, originally intended to blow up Columbine High School. However when two of their approximately 99 homemade bombs failed to detonate, they moved into active shooter mode, shooting 12 students and one teacher to to death, paralyzing two other students for life, and wounding others as they threw about some of their homemade bombs.

(CCD photo of the Columbine killers in the school's cafeteria, where they planted two large bombs intending to blow CHS off the face of the planet).

"Columbine" influenced many school and other workplace attacks, including but not limited to the Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and Weis market mass shootings. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School confessed mass murderer researched Columbine and the Santa Fe High School confessed mass shooter wore a trench coat to school everyday as did the Columbine killers who were initially called members of their school's "Trenchoat Mafia."

Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris stated an anonymous tip led to an investigation which found that the 18-year-old suspect had shown videos of herself firing guns to friends, told them she was going to shoot up her former school McAlester High School. She also allegedly told co-workers she was going to "shoot up" the school.

Authorities seized an AK-47 with six magazines and a 12-gauge shotgun from the suspect's possession.

Pittsburg County Special Judge Mindy Beare set bond at $250,000 and a hearing date for September 27, 2019 during the suspect's initial appearance arraignment yesterday.


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