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The latest teacher shot in the line of duty in a classroom

Yesterday Jason Seaman, 29, a science teacher at Noblesville Middle School was shot three times in his classroom. The accused is a 13-year-old student who also shot a student. Mr. Seaman separated the shooter from his gun otherwise the toll could have been much higher.

Mr. Seaman shot three times at Noblesville Middle School, 5/25/18.

Mr. Biegel murdered 2/14/18 at Stoneman Douglas High School.

Ms. Perkins murdered 5/18/18 at Santa Fe High School.

Ms. Tisdale, murdered 5/18/18 at Santa Fe High School.

Mr. Landsberry murdered 10/21/13 at Sparks Middle School.

Ms. Soto murdered 12/14/12 at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Mr. Grunow, 35, murdered 5/24/00 at Lake Worth Middle School.

Mr. Sanders murdered 4/20/99 at Columbine High School.

Fortunately Mr. Seaman is expected to survive his wounds.

Unfortunately as with the murders of geography teacher Scott Biegal, 35, at Stoneman Douglas High School, Ann Perkins and Cynthia Tisdale, 63, substitute teachers at Santa Fe High School, math teacher Michael Landsberry, 45, at Sparks Middle School, teacher Victoria Soto, 27, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, english teacher Barry Grunow, 35, at Lake Worth Middle School, computer and business teacher Dave Sanders, 47, at Columbine High School amongst many others it was up to a teacher to serve as the last line of defense in the epidemic of school shootings that has plagued America for years.

The WVPI has established a task force to address and provide solutions to this growing national tragedy. Please watch this blog for updates.

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