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2 days 2 states 2 school shootings bullying may have been involved in one

Bullying may have played a role in one of two active shooter situations that occurred in the United States this week.

On Monday a 15 year old girl was shot at a Texas high school and a fellow student has been arrested. According to media reports the victim allegedly complained about physical bullying by the suspect who was suspended but was permitted to return to school prior to the shooting.

The second tragedy occurred yesterday in Kentucky. The bloodshed was of immense proportions: Two 15 year old students were shot dead, 15 others sustained gunshot wounds and three others were injured. A fellow student has been charged with murder and attempted murder.

We will continue to monitor both tragedies as further developments arise.

According to the FBI, some 70% of all active shooter situations in the United States occur at businesses and schools. Prevention is the only solution to this growing epidemic of school and workplace violence.

Please read WVPI think tank member/forensic psychologist Dr. Robert Tanenbaum's article dealing with bullying and students on this blog.


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