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A sad ending to Caroline Nosal's murder

Christopher O'Kroley murdered Caroline Nosal on his birthday February 2, 2016. O'Kroley was found dead in his prison cell on Caroline's birthday May 1, 2017.

May 1st is also my dear friend and activist Jane Brady Nosal's birthday. What a gift Caroline must have been to Jane who is a source of inspiration to me.

Our April 19, 2017 Workplace Violence Prevention Institute's Think Tank Meeting in Willingboro Township, New Jersey commenced with an overhead of Jane and Dr. Jim Nosal holding Caroline's photograph.

My life's work relative to preventing workplace violence is dedicated to Caroline's memory and to the memory of Ryan Birse and of all other Americans who were murdered at work by co-workers. Ryan's life and vicious murder at work was also addressed at the April 19, 2017 meeting.

Ryan Birse (Birse family collection)

Workplace violence can be prevented and foreseen.

Stop workplace violence.

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