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WVPI Statistics Updated after Greenwood Park Mall Mass Shooting: 15 Deadly Events 15-26 yr.old males

The WVPI recently published demographics revealing 14 deadly recent mass shootings were committed by males, in the 15-26 year old age range.

Last night's catastrophic event at the Greenwood Park Mall just outside of Indianapolis required an update of this statistic to 15.

Photo (c) WTHR TV-13, Indianapolis

Four people are dead, including the 20 year old gunman, and two more were wounded as a result of the Greenwood Mall mass shooting. Here are the updated demographics:



1. Greenwood, Indiana 7/17/22 20 year old male. (Shopping Mall)

2. Highland Park, Illinois 7/4/22: 21 year old male. (July 4th Parade)

3. Copenhagen, Denmark 7/3/22: 22 year old male. (Shopping Mall)

4. Smithsburg, Maryland 6/9/22: 23 year old male (Manufacturing Co.)

5. Uvalde, Texas 5/24/22: 18 year old male (Elementary School)

6. Buffalo, NY 5/14/22: 18 year old male (Supermarket)

7. Oxford, Michigan 11/30/21: 15 year old male (High School)

8. Perm, Russia 9/20/21: 18 year old male (College)

9. Kazan, Russia 5/11/21: 19 year old male (Elementary/Middle School)

10. Boulder, Colorado 3/22/21: 21 year old male (Supermarket)

11. El Paso, Texas 8/3/19: 21 year old male (Walmart)

12. Kerch, Ukraine 10/17/18: 18 year old male (Tech. College)

13. Santa Fe, Texas 5/18/18: 17 year old male (High School)

14. Parkland, Florida 2/14/18: 19 year old male (High School)

15. New Brunfels, Texas 11/5/17: 26 year old male (Church)

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