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Wisconsin Superintendent Granted Temporary Restraining Order Following Alleged Incident at a Graduation Ceremony

Were you aware that it might be possible to obtain a restraining order to protect employees and others from violence in the workplace?

As these retraining orders are typically govered by state law, check your state's statutes and procedures to learn what the requirements are for one to obtain a restraining order and how to do so.

A Wisconsin Superintendent of Schools was granted a temporary restraining order pending hearing for a permenant one after he asserted a parent rushed the stage during a May 31, 2024 high school graduation ceremony, blocking him from shaking hands with the man's daughter a graduating student.

In a Petition for the restraining order Baraboo Superintendent Rainey Briggs stated the parent in question“approached the stage quickly and put both of his hands on me to push me out of the way stating ‘you are not going to touch my f------ daughter.’”

The Petition also asserts that Mr. Briggs stated he “created space” and told the man to get his hands off of him, and that the man began to “push and pry” at him. Mr. Briggs also alleged he put his hands out to keep the man away from him.

In a June 3, 2024 order granting a temporary restraining order, a Dane County, Wisconsin Circuit Court commissioner ordered the father in question to have no contact with Mr. Briggs pending a hearing which is scheduled to occur on June 14, 2024 at 8:30 am.

According to the docket, the parent retained counsel to represent him in the matter after the temporary order was entered.

The docket may be reviewed on line here:



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