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Three more lives taken in another senseless mass shooting in Colorado

The deadly epidemic continues.

An innocent bystander and a police officer were shot dead yesterday in the Olde Town section of Denver, Jefferson County (home to the 9/11 of mass shootings - Columbine High School). The shootings occurred in the city’s Arvada/downtown district where shops, restaurants, breweries and other businesses are located.

The shooter, a responding police officer and the innocent bystander are dead. The Denver Post has identified the fallen officer as Gordon Beesley, a 19 year veteran of the Arvada police department. The names of the shooter and the shooter's victim has not yet been released.

This tragedy came less than three months after a gunman attacked a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder. That perpetrator shot 10 people dead, including a responding police officer. Boulder is located approximately 20 miles from where yesterday's bloodshed occurred.

During Monday's chaos, bullets flew through one of the businesses in the district called the "So Raddish Restaurant" (pictured below) during the episode.

Colorado is currently ranked as the sixth-highest state in the nation for public mass shootings. Colorado has experienced some of the worst and most notorious active shooter incidents.

The deadliest shooting in the state occurred during the notorious Columbine High School on April 20, 1999 mass shooting/bombing when 13 people (12 students and one teacher) were shot dead and more than 20 wounded.



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