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The WVPI's "3-3 Pledge" to prevent further school and other mass shootings

The WVPI's motto is "prevention is the only solution." Today's blistering Report published by the Texas House of Representatives regarding the catastrophic May 24, 2022 mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde convinced us more than ever that once the shooter enters the school or church, movie theatre, grocery store, concert venue, parade route or other place Americans gather to perpetrate mass violence - planned in many occasions over months even years - we have lost the battle. Someone is going to get hurt, at a minimum.

Four years ago, we rolled out the "3-3 Pledge" encouraging all Americans to become personally involved to prevent the next tragedy from ever occurring. We can and must play a role in prevention by taking three concrete actions - such as volunteering at a school, attending a board meeting, asking to see a school's safety plan, or researching and voting for officials who are committed to the goal of ensuring public safety - then encouraging three others to do the same.

The 3-3 Pledge appears below. Please take it and share it with three other people.


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