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The 2016 workplace murder of Ryan Birse and Thursday's workplace mass shooting in Collierville, TN

The following WVPI post from September 25, 2016 is self-explanatory:


The WVPI believes "Ryan's Story" is particularly compelling right now, in light of the mass shooting two days at a Kroger's grocery store in suburban Memphis -- the same state of Tennessee where Ryan graduated from trade school.

According to published reports, the active shooter at the Kroger's supermarket worked there as a vendor.

Ten of the 15 people shot by him were employees, doing what Ryan was when he was savagely shot dead in 2016: Working for a living.

The five remaining people shot by the perpetrator at Kroger's, one fatally, were doing what all of us routinely do: Shopping for groceries.

Olivia King, the lady murdered at Kroger's, was like Ryan's father Tim Birse and mother Karen Bischoff Rea: A proud parent. Ms. King is pictured below with one of her three sons, a member of the United States Air Force:

Photo Courtesy: Facebook

We all can and must play a role in proactively preventing this continuing tragedy called workplace violence.

Please watch the following 2016 video related to and inspired by "Ryan's Story"


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