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Suit against seller of bullets to Santa Fe High School shooter survives Motion to Dismiss

A civil lawsuit brought by lead Plaintiff Rosie Yanas Stone, et al. and other parties whose loved ones were killed or wounded by bullets sold to the confessed Santa Fe High School shooter, has survived a Motion to Dismiss.

Texas state court Judge Jack Ewing denied a defendant's, Luckygunner the on-line company that sold bullets to the confessed SFHS 17-year-old shooter but did not check his age and its owners, action to dismiss the lawsuit.

Judge Ewing also awarded Plaintiffs' attorney's fees and costs associated with defense of the motion filed against them by Lucky Gunner. Due to this ruling, the case against Luckygunner will now proceed toward trial.

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It should be noted that this same company, Luckygunner, was previously sued in an action associated with the 2012 Aurora Theatre mass shooting which left 12 people dead.

That lawsuit filed in Colorado, unlike the Texas case, was dismissed in 2015.

Other defendants in the lawsuit before Judge Ewing are the shooter's parents who are accused of knowing their son was engaging in questionable behavior, yet failing to prevent him from accessing their firearms.

The SFHS mass shooting involved a situation seen time and time again, wherein underage shooters obtained firearms used to terrorize, wound and kill someone else's child from a parent or close family member.

The weapon used to kill Chris Stone and nine other innocent people belonged to the shooter's father.

Lead Plaintiff and school violence prevention advocate Rosie Yanas Stone, Christopher's mother, stated the following concerning the civil action:

"I don't care who you are if you had a hand in my son's murder we are coming for you. Our son's killer had accomplices that helped him carry out this mass murder," Rosie exclaimed.

Kathleen M. Bonczyk, founder of the WVPI, and Rosie Yanas Stone aka "Mama Stone" at a November 2019 event in Denver, Colorado held on behalf of Kendrick Castillo who was murdered at the STEM School Highlands Ranch on May 8, 2019.

This is not the first time Rosie Yanas Stone was successful in seeking accountability.

Due to her efforts and those of certain other SFHS families and friends, federal charges were brought against the shooter in April 2019 - the first time in history a school shooter was charged under federal law.

Rosie can be seen and heard commenting on this historic event in the following 2019 media report:

Unfortunately as to the criminal action, no trial date is pending as the confessed killer was deemed unfit to stand trial in the fall of 2019.

For further information on the May 18, 2018 SFHS tragedy, please read the following:


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