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Retaliation Remains Champ of EEO Complaints

Earlier this year, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, released charge

statistics for FY 2020. Not surprisingly, retaliation continues to remain the most frequently stated claim filed with the EEOC, the federal agency responsible for administering and enforcing the federal EEO anti-discrimination laws.

Complaints of retaliation in the workplace constituted a whopping 55.8% of all charges filed by complaining parties during F/Y 2020. The following video from five years ago revealed retaliation was also the most-frequently complained of form of discrimination at that time:

The statistics for F/Y 2021 are as follows:

  • Retaliation: 37,632 (55.8 percent of all charges filed)

  • Disability: 24,324 (36.1 percent)

  • Race: 22,064 (32.7 percent)

  • Sex: 21,398 (31.7 percent)

  • Age: 14,183 (21.0 percent)

  • National Origin: 6,377 (9.5 percent)

  • Color: 3,562 (5.3 percent)

  • Religion: 2,404 (3.6 percent)

  • Equal Pay Act: 980 (1.5 percent)

  • Genetic Information: 440 (0.7 percent)

NOTE: These percentages add up to more than 100% because some charges allege multiple bases of employment-based discrimination.



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