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"Rapid DNA testing" used to identify suspect in deadly July 4th mass shooting in Illinois

Authorities identified the suspect in yesterday morning's deadly Highland Park, Illinois shooting rampage via a DNA testing sample taken from the rifle found at the scene. Seven people were killed and approximately 25 others wounded in the Independence Day mass shooting which occurred during the town's annual July 4th holiday parade.

The suspect, who fired approximately 60 times perched on the roof of a building, left the rifle before fleeing the scene. Following the DNA testing, a 21 year old male was named as a "person of interest" by police. A few hours later, he was taken into custody during a traffic stop approximately five miles north of the location where the massacre took place.

Agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives conducted an urgent trace of the rifle, according to ATF spokesperson April Langwell.


The suspect left clues in his on-line footprint, a commonly-seen event with those who have previously been arrested and/or convicted of mass shootings globally.

The image below appeared in a video published by him approximately eight months ago.

The suspect also fits an emerging profile of others either suspected of or convicted of mass shootings as males aged 15-26:



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