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Once again, a disgruntled terminated worker goes on a killing rampage

We have stated repeatedly the most vulnerable point during the employment life cycle when workplace violence tends to rear its ugly head is at the time of involuntary termination, or thereafter.

Unfortunately, yet another tragic case of deadly workplace violence committed by a disgruntled ex-worker has occurred - this time at the Oneida Nation hotel, casino and conference center near Green Bay, Wisconsin.

A 62-year-old former employee, who had been previously ordered by a court to leave his former supervisor alone, walked into the hotel and casino's kitchen and bar on Saturday evening, May 1, 2021. There, he shot and killed two former co-workers, Ian Simpson, 32, and Jacob Bartel, 35, in cold blood and at close range.

Next, the man went outside and seriously wounded another employee, Daniel Mulligan, aged 28. Today, Mr. Mulligan remains in serious but stable condition in a hospital.

The killing spree was stopped when a team of Green Bay law enforcement officers opened fire on the shooter, killing him.

The casino and hotel which employs between 150-200 workers was packed with patrons at the time of the shootings. Members of a Massachusetts indoor football team report they were in the restaurant enjoying a team dinner just feet away from the gunman when he opened fire.

The reason for the shooter's termination is unknown. However, according to court records, his former supervisor, Elizabeth Walker who was not present at the time of the shootings, took out a restraining order against him in March 2021.

Ms. Walker alleged in her Petition for the restraining order that he had been recently fired for "a few things, including harassment" and that he had been sending her unwanted texts and emails threatening her and her family for several weeks. He also sent photographs of her home and warned he would ruin her sister's wedding. One message simply said "times up."



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