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Mentorship as a suggested remedy to address the proliferation of violence by younger males

The WVPI has been tracking an emerging demographic of males aged 15-26 as being accused of some of the most disturbing acts of violence during the last five years. The most recent addition to this list was the 21-year-old male who confessed to the murder of seven innocent people and the wounding of more than 20 others at the Highland Park, Illinois Independence Day parade on July 4th.

After the article revealing these disturbing demographics was published by the WVPI (see link at the end of this blog), A.M. "Bobby" Brumfield, the Managing Partner/CEO of Leonum Advisors. suggested a solution not discussed very frequently.

We oftentimes hear "mental health services" as being a longer term remedy, but this potential solution is not something that can be applied today to help stop tomorrow's tragedy being planned in a bedroom or basement somewhere across America (or the world) right now.

Mr. Brumfield suggests "If you want to know where to begin in helping to stop the violence, these demographics suggest Mentoring may be a great start. There are great orgs in the community that are already working with young men that can assist you in that journey."


The Highland Park shooter, so filled with rage as he stood perched on a store roof firing off round after round above parade-goers and participants, looks like a lost soul in photographs from his First Court Appearance and mug shot. We have learned he was arrested after returning from a trip to nearby Madison, Wisconsin where he contemplated perpetrating a second Independence Day mass shooting. Thankfully, he decided not to go through with it.

When considering Mr. Brumfield's insightful thoughts, I cannot help but wonder what if...what if...what if someone took an active interest in the Highland Park shooter before July 4, 2022. What if someone was there to mentor him, to possibly place him down the path toward positive goals not the self-destructive objective he carried out on July 4th which has destroyed so many lives.

The lack of concern for the dignity of human life and the resulting impact on humanity that mass violence perpetrates is a result we see time and time again in the aftermath of the violence. It's been over 22 years since "Columbine" the so-called 911 of mass shootings/bombings perpetrated by younger males. Yet, we still search for solutions after another attack happens.

High velocity rifle found abandoned in the Highland Park confessed shooter's vehicle on July 4, 2022 by law enforcement, according to CBS Mornings.

Unfortunately, we will never know if mentorship might have encouraged the Highland Park shooter to take another path in life, which would have prevented the July 4th disaster from occurring.

But Mr. Brumfield provides us with significant "food for thought" regarding the next preventable tragedy.


To read the blog that led to Mr. Brumfield's commentary, please go here:


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