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Man arrested following attempted kidnapping of former co-worker

A man has been arrested after stalking his former female colleague for over a month, shooting her husband and attempting to kidnap her, authorities in Oklahoma report.

According to the Tulsa Police Department, the suspect began stalking his victim after he resigned from his position at their mutual workplace. Thereafter, the woman complained to authorities that the man was sitting outside her apartment and leaving candy and food for her.

Then on April 2, 2021, she was being escorted to her car by her husband when they spotted the perpetrator sitting in his truck. He got out of his vehicle, and began chasing after the couple with a shotgun. The couple ran back to their apartment.

The suspect chased after them. He shot through the apartment door, struck the victim's husband in his hand, entered the apartment, grabbed the woman, and dragged her down the stairs, also according to authorities.

Neighbors who witnessed the woman being choked and punched by the perpetrator called 911. The suspect was apprehended and booked into the Tulsa County Jail. Formal charges are pending.


Tulsa Police Department Facebook Page


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