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Leakage of Violent Intent and the Columbine Effect.

  • The Columbine massacre is mentioned on Page 7 of the Texas House of Representatives Report on the May 25, 2022 massacre at Robb Elementary School.

  • The Sutherland Springs Texas Church mass shooter had a "Columbine" feel to him according to former classmates.

  • The Marjory Stoneman Douglas mass killer researched Columbine prior to his attack in Parkland, Florida

  • The Virginia Tech mass shooter regarded the Columbine killers as his "brothers" and put them on the same level as God.

  • The Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut mass shooter was obsessed with Columbine and played the "Columbine RPG" active shooter video game constantly.

  • The confessed Santa Fe High School Texas mass shooter wore a black duster and an exact replica of a communist era pin found on the body of one of the Columbine killers.

  • The Crimea mass shooter dressed up as the Columbine killers and executed a similar massacre as Columbine; his goal was to give Russia its own "Columbine."

  • The Weis Market Pennsylvania shooter had an obsession with Columbine such that he made paintings based on crime scene photos of his "heroes" lying dead.

One thing these, and other perpetrators of violence have in common, is that they just don't "snap." Their attacks on innocent human beings are the product of days, weeks, months sometimes years of planning. Along the way they leak violent intent. This is, they emit clues of what they are planning to do. One "red flag" is they post photos of their weapons on line.

Regarding contemporary leakage: Here is a photo the July 17, 2022 Greenwood Mall shooter posted on the internet, per

Key to preventing further tragedies is understanding the red flags and then taking action: Reporting this leakage of violent intent is the way to ensure a planned attack does not happen.

Get involved. Take the "3-3 Pledge" to help prevent these continuing preventable tragedies from occurring:


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