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Indiana man taken into custody after publishing video threatening mass murder.

Quick action by concerned citizens who reported a chilling video published on social media by a man threatening "if something is not done I am going to murder as many fu**ing people as I can" has led to his arrest.

After leaking his violent intent to commit mass murder, the Valparaiso, Indiana Police Department (VPD) announced this individual has been taken into custody. In my opinion, this excellent result is the standard for all of us to follow to prevent the next tragedy from occurring.

The following is the announcement made by the VPD:


The WVPI has repeatedly stated prevention is the only solution to the growing epidemic of violence including mass shootings. In 2021, one rampage shooting after another has occurred while opportunities to possibly prevent these senseless tragedies have been missed or ignored.

Rage killers don't just "snap." Their attacks are the product of planning. As they go about plotting their deadly assaults, these perpetrators frequently "leak violent intent" along the way. That is, they communicate to third parties what they are thinking about doing.

These future killers may leak their violent intent via one-on-one conversations with family, friends, co-workers or classmates and/or through disturbing observable conduct. Other times, leakage of violent intent happens on social media for the world to see. When this leakage occurs, it cannot be ignored. Action must be taken, just as the residents of Valparaiso and the VPD so did.

Because they did, instead of possibly laying flowers and candles and saying "I can't believe it happened here!!" after-the-fact, these heroes helped avert a possible tragedy from ever occurring before-the-fact.

CNN Graph published April 2021

This is Prevention's goal: Understanding that something can be done to stop these preventable tragedies, being observant, and doing something about ensuring another sad statistic is not added to the growing epidemic.

Sadly, this was not the case in the mind-numbing tragedy that occurred just one week ago today in a busy Publix Supermarket in South Florida.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw reported that the man who walked into the produce section of the Royal Palm Beach Publix and shot a 1 year old toddler and his grandmother to death before committing suicide, published threats of killing children and other innocent people on social media. Unfortunately, as the Sheriff advised us, no one reported that killer's leakage of violent intent.

The situation in Indiana was much different because concerned citizens did not ignore leakage of violent intent. They took it seriously. They did something about it, as did the VPD.

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