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Houston school principal shot by former student: The assault on our nation's schools continue

Yesterday, a former student armed with a rifle shot his way into the YES Prep Southwest Charter School in Houston. He then shot the school's principal Eric Espinoza in the back.

Police say the gunman, who surrendered when law enforcement arrived, has confessed to the shooting. He stated he intended to attack another staff member, not the principal.

Espinoza was taken to an area hospital for treatment and has been since released. None of the school's other staff members or the 900 students who were in the building at the time of the shooting were physically injured.

Principal Eric Espinoza

According to the school's website, Espinoza has served as principal since 2017 and also graduated from YES Prep.

YES Prep, a grades 6 through 12 public charter school, published the following advisory bulletin on its website yesterday regarding the attack:

The Trend of Violence at America's Schools Continue

Yesterday, October 1, 2021, the same day as the attack at YES Prep, we reported on this blog that two New Jersey Board of Education members received death threats.

These threats came during the same week that saw a wave of school shootings threats at other New Jersey school districts, causing one to close all schools on Thursday, as well as arrests of four students in neighboring Pennsylvania for threatening to commit another "Columbine" at their school.

Additionally, YES Prep is located just 30 miles away from Santa Fe High School, in Santa Fe, Texas where eight students and two teachers were murdered and 13 others wounded during a mass shooting on May 18, 2018.



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