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Eight Dead at FedEx: The Deadly Assault Against American Workers Continues

Late yesterday, eight employees were shot dead and several others wounded at their place of employment: A Federal Express workplace located near the Indianapolis airport.

The perpetrator who committed suicide on scene, has been identified as a 19 year old resident of Indianapolis, who was an ex-employee of the facility

Image courtesy: CNN

This utter rage displayed at the FedEx facility is reminiscent of other workplace mass shootings, such as the 2016 tragedy at Excel Industries in Kansas discussed in "The Killer in the Next Cubicle: The tragedy of workplace violence in America..."

Each massacre was committed by a lone gunman who used a rifle, and who began shooting in the parking lot. Both the FedEx and Excel Industries killers then went inside the workplace while employees were working, continued firing.

Each rampage was stopped when only when law enforcement approached. Both gunmen then shot themselves with the same gun they used to wound and kill workers, and both died in the workplace alongside their victims.

The Excel Industries massacre left three employees dead and 14 others wounded. It was perpetrated by a disgruntled employee shortly after he had been served with a domestic restraining order at work.

Yesterday's workplace mass shooting at FedEx marks (at least) the 45th mass shooting in this country since March 16, 2021 when several workers were shot dead at the Atlanta-area spa shootings by a sole gunman.

Peek inside "The Killer in the Next Cubicle" here:



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