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EEOC Statistics - Sexual Harassment Charges

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has released statistics on sexual harassment charges for the 10 year period of F/Y 2010 through 2020.

Not surprisingly in light of the pandemic which led to stay-at-home orders across the land, sexual harassment charges fell to a 10 year low of 11,497 for F/Y 2020. By comparison, the EEOC received 12,739 charges of sexual harassment in F/Y 2019 preceded by the 10 year high of 13,055 in F/Y 2018.

The fact that many employees worked remotely from home, rather than doing so from their respective workplaces where they had direct contact with co-workers, supervisors, and others during 2020, likely played a factor in the decline in charges.

Time will tell what F/Y 2021 will hold concerning charges of sexual harassment in the workplace, as more and more employees have been and are continuing to return to their physical workplaces.

There are two recognized forms of sexual harassment: Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Environment.

Watch this brief video for an explanation of both:

EEOC's statistics, charges of sexual harassment: F/Y 2010 through 2020 appear below:

SOURCE: EEOC website


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