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Education Week Reports 24 of 34 School Shootings in America occurred toward the end of the year

Prevention is the only solution to the continuing tragedy that is workplace violence in all of its form, perhaps most tragically as school-related violence.

Our schools should be places where children can learn and our educators may teach them in a calm, safe, appropriate environment. Recent data from the national periodical Education Week suggest the end to the continuing tragedy unleashed upon our schools on April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School is nowhere in sight.

And now: Education Week reports a troubling yet not unexpected statistic that there have been 24 school shootings from August 1, 2021 through the end of the 2021 calendar school year. This figure might have even been higher but for the COVID-19 pandemic which has interrupted the delivery of live brick-and-mortar classes since March 2020. Per this source:

"There have been 34 school shootings this year, 24 since August 1. A shooting on Nov. 30, in which a student killed four people and injured seven at an Oxford, Mich., high school, was the deadliest school shooting since May 2018. There have been 92 school shootings since 2018. The COVID-19 pandemic appears to have interrupted the trend line. The 2020 figure, with 10 shootings, was significantly lower than 2019 and 2018, which each had 24." (Emphasis added).

For more information on how. you can become involved in helping to prevent school violence, please reach about the "3-3 Pledge" on this website, or email the WVPI at .

Watch Michaelangelo take the WVPI "3-3 Pledge" and listen to his reasons why here:


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