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Columbine-like attack by trenchcoat-wearing teen shooter at Russian school leaves multiple dead


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A massacre earlier today at a school in Russia bears several resemblances to the notorious April 20, 1999 attack at Colorado's Columbine High School carried out by two graduating seniors.

A teenager wearing a black trenchcoat-wearing attacked "School No. 175" in the Russian city of Kazan today leaving at least 9 people dead, including two teachers and 20 others wounded. The gunman, 19, was a past student at the school and had been expelled from the technical school he had been attending in April 2021.

The black trenchcoat has been the official uniform of the school shooter. The teenaged Columbine killers were infamously known as the "trenchcoat mafia" and wore their trenchcoats constantly including the day of the massacre at their school, Columbine High.

The Russian shooter was born on September 11, 2001. One of the two Columbine killers was born exactly 20 years earlier on September 11, 1981.

Above: Stills from security footage of the teen Russian school shooter about to enter School No. 175.

Below: the two teen killers wearing their black trenchcoats preparing for the 4/20/99 hit at Columbine High School, Littleton Colorado.

A teacher and 12 students were murdered at Columbine with more than 20 others wounded.

Also like Columbine, an explosion was heard at School No. 175 before shots rang out, causing widespread damage. Columbine was intended to be a mass bombing which then became a mass shooting when two large propane bombs planted by the two killers in the school's cafeteria failed to detonate.

Today's attack comes just three days after a devastating mass bombing at a high school in Afghanistan, where the death toll has now risen to 85 (see yesterday's blog for details). The hit on School No. 175 like Columbine occurred on a Tuesday morning late in the school year.