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First of two charged with STEM School Shooting to be sentenced today

Kendrick Castillo was in class, about to graduate high school on May 7, 2019 when two domestic terrorists masquerading as students attacked the STEM School Highlands Ranch not far from Littleton, scene of the notorious "9/11" of school shootings - Columbine High School.


Brave Kendrick, who dedicated his young life to helping others, attempted to stop the shooting, but was murdered that horrible day in the continuation of our national disgrace known as the modern active school shooter era.

Kendrick was brilliant. He had a bright future. I saw Kendrick's robotics project up close when I visited with his family and friends in Colorado in November 2019. I walked up to study Kendrick's project up close and marveled at how it was put together.

At the same time I thought: What an irreplaceable loss to his family and our country. Kendrick's dad, John, told me about how much Kendrick admired NASA and all things scientific. Who knows what inventions Kendrick could have whipped up had he lived the life he was supposed to, a life which was taken so savagely in his classroom as Kendrick continued to develop his brilliant mind.

I had hoped to attend the sentencing hearing today of one of the two responsible for taking Kendick's life. Instead, I will be attending it virtually and hoping the first of his two confessed killers gets the sentence she deserves: Life imprisonment.

POST-SCRIPT 7/25/20:

The confessed school shooter was sentenced to life imprisonment on July 24, 2020.

The trial of the second shooter, who has pled not guilty is pending. We will continue to keep you posted as further developments arise.

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