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Guest blogger Stuart Silverman, Esq. on Workplace Harassment of a Minor

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ("OSHA"), harassment is a form of workplace violence.

Today, the WVPI is proud to present a guest blog from attorney Stuart M. Silverman, Esq. who addresses a recent settlement negotiated by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) the harassment of teenaged workers.

Attorney Stuart M. Silverman, Esq.

Nobody likes a workplace bully!

Especially if the bully is in a position of authority and is sexually harassing teenage girls.

Especially if the business is a restaurant.

The EEOC and Pei Wei Asian Diner just settled a case for $300,000.

The facts are as follows:

In 2017, 17 year old Marshonna Lloyd got her first job; as a cashier/server at her local Pei Wei Asian Diner in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Immediately the 37 year old general manager began sexually harassing her with sexual comments, non-consensual touching of a sexual nature, and forced touching of a sexual nature.

Lloyd reported the conduct to the assistant manager who told her to “deal with it”. The harassment became so intolerable that Lloyd was forced to resign.

The complaint alleges that other teenage girls were hired to work after school and on weekends and the same harassment occurred to them. Now the kitchen manager joined with the General Manager in harassing the teenage girls.

Lloyd went to the EEOC which filed a lawsuit in October and without an answer being filed the parties settled.

Don’t bully your employees and do not treat them like peewees!

It’s good to know the EEOC will stand up for vulnerable workers such as teenage girls in restaurants!


About Stuart M. Silverman, Esq.:

Attorney Stuart M. Silverman of the law offices of Stuart M. Silverman has been practicing law for over twenty-five years. He focuses his practice on labor and employment, litigation and corporate law business and foreclosure defense. The firm's extensive employment litigation experience includes claims under age race, and sex discrimination, wage and hour claims, ADA, and FMLA claims, whistleblower claims, public employee’s claims employment contracts, non-compete agreements, trade secrets disputes and partnership breakups.

Mr. Silverman's firm help individuals and companies including with compliance on workforce issues, preparing employment handbooks and policies, employee contracts, non-competition, and non-solicitation agreement, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements policies, procedures, contracts and buyouts and severance issues. In addition to litigating labor and employment cases, we also litigate business and commercial litigation constitutional claims and complex tort actions and foreclosure defense.

Contact Mr. Silverman at:

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