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11-year-old Columbine copycat kills 1 teacher and wounds a 2nd teacher and 5 students in Mexico

Think workplace violence in our schools happens only in the United States? Think again...

On January 10, 2020, a sixth-grader infatuated with the April 20, 1999 Columbine High School (CHS) mass shooting and dressed as one of the CHS killers entered Mexico's Cervantes de Torreón School. There he shot and killed one teacher, and wounded a second teacher and five fellow students.


The WVPI has previously reported school shooters typically obtain their guns from close relatives and also tend to leak their violent intent beforehand, both of which present opportunities to stop disaster from occurring.

These red flags appear to have occurred in Mexico. The Mexico school shooter obtained his firearms from his grandfather. The 11-year-old killer leaked his violent intent by, for instance, obsessively playing a CHS role play video game. He walked around his school dressed in a similar fashion to one of the CHS killers, including wearing a replica of that killer's infamous "Natural Selection" tee-shirt. He also told fellow students "Today is the day." before opening fire.

The WVPI has repeatedly pointed out an obsession with mass shootings generally and CHS specifically should be considered as potential warning signs of future violence.

Recreation of the Columbine killers on April 20, 1999 from the documentary "Zero Hour" with actors portraying EH (left) & DK (right). Note "Natural Selection" tee-shirt.

Photo of the 11-year-old school shooter lying dead on his school's floor January 10, 2020 wearing a "Natural Selection" tee-shirt and other clothing similar to EH appears here:

In addition to wearing a replica of the "Natural Selection" tee-shirt, the Mexico school shooter also wore black suspenders, black pants, black shoes, and a black wrist band, had two firearms on him and committed suicide at the school - just like his "hero" EH had on April 20, 1999.

On that awful Colorado day nearly 21 years ago, EH and DK shot CHS teacher Dave Sanders to death and injured a second teacher Patti Nielson. They also killed 12 students and wounded more than 20 others.


Certain Mexican authorities did not seem to understand the direct connection between "Natural Selection" and EH, and instead attributed their shooter's tee-shirt to a video game inspired by Columbine. They did not recognize that this school shooter copied the Columbine killer's clothing to the extent he did. Source:

Those enamored with the Columbine massacre are typically familiar with the two killers distinct style of dress, Past school shooters have copied what EH and DK wore on April 20, 1999; The Cervantes de Torreón School shooter is no exception here.

EH's discarded black trench coat which he wore to school everyday, rain or shine warm or cold, outside the entrance of CHS. DK's black trench coat was worn inside and thrown on the ground of the CHS library, the scene of most of the carnage on April 20, 1999. (Evidence photo).

Thus, any student who, for example, wears a "Natural Selection" black lettering on a white tee-shirt or dons a black trench coat should not be automatically considered as artistic or going through a teenage (or in the case of last Friday's shooter) a pre-teenage phase.

It is, of course, possible the student is simply expressing himself/herself. Conversely, it is also possible the student is aligning with the Columbine killers, a matter of concern even if the student never planned to engage in violence on campus. Further exploration is recommended.


Please watch the following video addressing workplace violence as a global problem and prevention as the only solution, a video which was published three years ago:


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