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Employee Who Reported Co-Worker May Have Helped Prevent Mass Workplace Shooting

An employee who "said something" after "seeing something" may have helped avert a catastrophe at an airport Marriott Hotel in Long Beach.

The alert employee in question reported concerns about a co-worker who was in danger of being terminated. Police report the disgruntled worker had plans to perpetrate a mass shooting involving employees and guests of the popular hotel.

After law enforcement was contacted, a visit to the employee's home revealed a cache of weapons which authorities describe were similar to those involved in the deadly 2017 Las Vegas attack.

Police found including hundreds of rounds of ammunition, high-powered rifles and tactical gear.

The man, employed as a cook at the Marriott, was charged with making a criminal threat, manufacturing and distributing assault weapons, possession of an assault weapon.

Police Chief Robert Luna stated he "...had clear plans, intent and the means to carry out an act of violence that may have resulted in a mass casualty situation. Because this was reported, I firmly believe many lives were saved."


This episode underscores the importance of having systems in place which encourage employees to come forward with any safety concerns, underscoring the idea that workplace safety is everyone's business.

Please watch WVPI Founder/Executive Director Kathleen M. Bonczyk's brief video on this topic:


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