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Is the Ohio Mass Murderer Another "Columbinite?"

Similarities between the killer who murdered 10 people and injured 27 others in Dayton, Ohio yesterday and the infamous Columbine killer Eric Harris who has influenced countless mass murderers and would-be mass murderers are emerging:

(Harris' murderous ramblings)

1. Both had student hit lists while in high school;

2. Both had unusual obsessions with death while in

high school;

3. Both had unusual obsessions with killing while in high


4. Both were filled with rage while in high school;

5. Both had sexually violent fantasies involving violence

toward female students while in high school;

6. Both wrote about bloody annihilations while in high


7. Both bullied fellow students while in high school;

8. Both accumulated a significant amount of ammunition to

be used in their attacks;

9. Both used high powered rifles in their attacks;

10.Both fired off a large number of bullets during their attacks (Harris fired 121 rounds and the Ohio killer fired at least

100 rounds)

11.Both spent time planning and accumulating the tools that were used to kill during their attacks;

12.Both lived at home with their parents and one sibling

at the time of their attacks;

13.Allegations have emerged that victim complaints to law

enforcement were mishandled in both cases:

(a) The parents of Brooks Brown, a fellow Columbine High School student of Harris' and the subject of Harris's public death threats reported Harris to local law enforcement who failed to execute a search warrant of his home;

(b) A fellow student of the Ohio mass murderer reported to the media that police told her he had a "kill list" and a "rape list" and that her name was on the latter.


The best way to prevent the attack that is undoubtedly being planned right now is to capitalize on leakage of violent intent:

1) Educate all Americans as to what it is and the connection to prevention;

2) Encourage and invite witnesses to come forward and report disconcerting behavior;

3) Train designated authority figures who receive reports of leakage of violent intent (whether in the workplaces, schools, businesses, churches, law enforcement, etc.) on what to do when they receive these complaints.


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