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Columbine Killer Wrote About Using a Highjacked Plane as a Weapon 2.5 years before 9/11

The dots to all school and many other workplace shootings/bombings can be connected back to the Columbine High School failed bombing/active shooter incident of April 20, 1999 which left 12 students and one teacher dead.

Can there be any question this event which ushered in the modern active school shooter/bomber era was domestic terrorism?

Pictured: Pres. George W. Bush signing the PATRIOT Act into law October 26, 2001.

In 1998 while foreign-bred terrorists plotted their attacks on U.S.soil, Columbine killer Eric Harris envisioned hijacking a plane of his own and ramming it into Manhattan.

Please read this December 1999 news account of Harris' diabolical plans here:

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