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WVPI Founder Calls for an End to School Mass Shootings/Bombings

Kathleen M. Bonczyk will attend the posthumous graduation ceremony honoring Chris Stone, 17, who was murdered at Santa Fe High School in 2018. Chris died a hero protecting other students at the Texas high school during the vicious assault which took Chris's life, the lives of seven other students, and two teachers and which also left 13 others wounded.

Chris pictured with his beloved mother Rosie in a photograph taken before Chris's junior prom at SFHS. One week later, Chris was shot dead at SFHS.

"In a matter of minutes the confessed mass murderer, a fellow student of Chris's, shot 23 people in a public high school in the quintessential small town of Santa Fe, Texas." states Bonczyk.

"We have allowed these horrific massacres to go on for too long in America's schools - places which must be safe for students to learn and teachers to work. The bloodshed must end now," she added.

Kathleen Bonczyk (left) at a 2018 WVPI event pictured with Rosie Stone (right) in a CCC shirt. CCC stands for "Chris Courage Change," an organization founded by Chris's family to help stop the savagery at America's schools that took Chris's life.

"Shortly after the attack at SFHS, the F.B.l. published a study reporting on pre-attack behaviors of active shooters. The F.B.I. advises that these hits are the product of planning, the perpetrators don't just 'snap.' In 18% of cases reported, these active shooters engaged in planning from six months to two years in duration and 26% of them planned for one to two months. All the while, many engaged in 'leakage of violent intent' wherein they disclose their diabolical thoughts to others. In light of same, a tremendous opportunity for prevention is present - opportunities we as a nation are missing time and time again to detrimental consequences," explains Bonczyk.

Rosie Stone, Kathleen Bonczyk and Lori Alhadeff whose 14-year-old daughter Alyssa was one of 17 innocents murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida 2/14/18.


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