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WVPI Executive Director addresses Workplace Violence on CNN

On yesterday's CNN's S.E. Cupp Unfiltered show, WVPI Executive Director Kathleen M. Bonczyk addressed the continuing epidemic of workplace violence in the wake of Friday's tragedy at the Virginia Beach Municipal Building.

Source: CNN

On that day, a long term employee described as "disgruntled" opened fire on his co-workers killing 12 people and wounding four others before engaging in a prolonged shoot-out with law enforcement.

Among other points, Kathleen discussed workplace violence research statistics, active shooter risk factors and prevention.

Host S.E. Cupp's show was devoted to the May 31st tragedy in Virginia. Please watch it on repeat here:

OSHA reports that homicide is currently the third leading cause of occupational death in the United States and at least 2,000,000 Americans fall victim to workplace violence each year with "many" more cases going unreported.

Prevention is the only solution to the growing epidemic of workplace violence.

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