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It Is More Likely An American Will Be Killed at Work Than in Combat

On our last blog we reported the results of a survey finding one in seven employees do not feel safe at work.

WVPI's founder and executive director Kathleen M. Bonczyk

has been quoted as saying it is more likely that an American will be killed in the workplace on U.S. soil than in combat with the U.S. armed forces.

Read the rest of the Intelex article entitled: "Taking aim at workplace violence and active shooters" here:


Mr. Chris Hixon (above 2 photos) Facebook

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School faculty member Chris Hixon survived Operation Desert Shield & Operation Desert Storm in the middle east. Mr. Hixon was shot dead on U.S. soil in a Florida public high school 2/14/19 by a 19 year old former student who killed 17 innocents and wounded 17 others.


Mr. Landsberry (above 2 photos) Facebook

Sparks Middle School Math Teacher Michael Landsberry, a U.S. Marine veteran survived two tours of duty in Afghanistan. Mr. Landsberry was murdered on U.S. soil in a Nevada public middle school 10/21/13 by a 13 year old student who had photos of the Columbine killers on him. After murdering Mr. Landsberry, the student committed suicide on scene.

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