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44% of Teachers Experience Physical Violence in the Workplace

In addition to being called upon to act as SWAT, as many teachers have been required to done when faced with active school shooters, a staggering 44% of educators report they were the victims of workplace-based physical violence.

Additionally, according to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, some 80% of the approximately 3,000 K-12 teachers who responded stated they experienced one or more "victimization experiences" in the prior twelve months at work.

Teachers also reported students were the perpetrators of workplace violence 94% of the time.

Coleen Ritzer.

One tragic case of the ultimate act of student on teacher violence occurred in 2013 when 24-year-old Danvers High School math teacher Coleen Ritzer was brutally killed by her 14-year-old student in Massachusetts.

School surveillance video shows the killer following Ritzer into a bathroom. Ritzer's body was later found in the woods, her throat slashed with multiple stab wounds. She had also been raped.

The student was convicted of Ritzer's savage rape and murder and was sentenced to life in prison.


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