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4 more lives lost to deadly workplace violence

On April 1, 2019, law enforcement found four bodies at a property management company in Mandan, North Dakota.

The victims are identified as Robert Fakler, age 52 the owner of RJR Maintenance and Management and three employees: Adam Fueher, age 42, Lois Cobb, age 45, and her husband William Cobb, age 50.

Officials have been tight lipped about such details as the manner of death, the weapon used, and whether the massacre involved employee-on-employee deadly workplace violence, which was the topic of my ongoing research "The Killer in The Next Cubicle."

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The authorities have stated the deaths are the result of multiple homicides.

However, law enforcement emphasizes they are not searching for a perpetrator and have not announced the arrest(s) of any suspect(s) associated with the mass murder. They have also stated the public is not at risk.



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