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Yesterday's Bomb Threats at Columbine High School

In this video from 4/20/99, the Columbine killers are seen planting homemade bombs they hoped would blow up Columbine High School.

Minutes later the two seniors stood outside the school's cafeteria sniper-style with their high velocity firearms in hand, waiting for the cafeteria to blow up. The next stage of their diabolical plot involved them shooting surviving students faculty and staff as they fled the building.

Fortunately the two large propane bombs failed to detonate, or the death toll that day would have been much higher than the 12 students and one teacher they shot dead.

On 12/13/18, grim reminders of that awful day occurred when threats of bombs inside Columbine and reports of a person armed with a gun outside were made by an anonymous caller, causing the high school where the modern active school shooter/bomber era was born nearly two decades ago to go into lockdown mode.

While yesterday's frightening threats appear to have been a hoax, the similarities of bombs inside/sniper outside the school scenario to the 4/20/99 tragedy suggests the individual responsible had done his or her homework.

Indeed the FBI tells us many of the mass killers who have unleashed havoc at our nations schools have researched prior massacres.

On July 27-28, 2018, we hosted an educational event called "From Columbine to Noblesville" which among other things addressed warning signs and proposed preventative measures.

Our next event is planned for 3/27/19 in Orlando, just before Columbine's 20th anniversary. Contact for further information.

Because of the forthcoming anniversary and in light of yesterday's event, we recommend diligence in prevention at this time.


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