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"3-3" Personal Commitment to Ending School Bombings/Shootings

The Columbine killers used the 1995 Murrah Building Bombing as their model for their precedent-setting school bombing/shooting attack on April 20, 1999. There have been no further attacks on federal buildings since Oklahoma City. Sadly the same cannot be said of our schools since Columbine.Over the past 19 years there have been too many Sandy Hooks, Sparks Middles, Orange Highs, Stoneman Douglases, Santa Fes and Noblesville Wests to name a few kamikaze school attacks with no end in sight.

Therefore the WVPI is calling an end to the school active shooter/active bomber epidemic in year 19. Not next year. Now.

As the powers that be have not figured it out in nearly two decades, the WVPI feels grass roots initiatives comprised of concerned parents, teachers, students, working professionals, non-profit organizations, and concerned citizens working together will end this our national disgrace.

At our July 27-28, 2018 event, we announced the "Personal 3-3 Challenge" which we are calling upon every concerned person to take.

Please consider taking the "3-3" pledge and sharing with three others.

Recommended three (3) ways to get on board as discussed at our event "From Columbine to Noblesville" include:

- Attend a "meet the principal/open house" night.

- Volunteer at the school of your choice.

- Canvass for a politican who supports school safety and doesn't just give "lip service" to it.

- Attend a school board meeting and ask what specifically is being done to prevent school shootings/bombings.

- Host a coffee get together/meeting at your home with other concerned citizens and put an action plan together.

If you have any further ideas, please email us at

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